David G. Clark
Who i am
Multilingual, multifaceted, multitalented. I am a writer, editor, translator, and voice actor. I live in Toulouse, France.
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what i do
As you can imagine, I write (copy, content, and creative works), edit (substantive, line, and copy), translate (French to English), and narrate audiobooks.
What is more important is what I bring to a project.
A native English speaker as well as bilingual French speaker, possessed of an innate sense of language and decades of experience and practice, I make sure your English-language content is top-notch. Whether 

How You Can Reach Me
The simplest thing is to email. Take my domain name (davidgclark.com), add @gmail just in front of the period, and drop me a line.
Or else you can call me directly. I live and work in France. If you do, too, then it’s easy: just dial 06 73 83 09 21. If you’re calling from outside of the country of the Gauls, use +33 as your country code, and leave off the initial zero. And if you’re using a landline and can’t dial +, use 00 instead.